Dating Kinky PLUS Membership
Why is it SOOOOOOO fecking hard to find a kinky boopsie?
If you haven’t noticed, dating is big business.

I noticed. But that’s not why I’m doing what I do. Or not all of why.

I'll tell you a secret: I'm a hopeless romantic (with a kinky streak a mile wide). 

I believe in love, and I believe that finding love is worth putting time and effort into. I believe that the love of our partner(s) and kinky friends makes life better. None of that, however, is necessarily easy. 

Heck, even vanilla people have a hard time connecting and really making a go of it. Adding in kink makes it that much more difficult.

It's crazy when you think about it. Once you take into account what you're looking for in gender, sexual orientation, and religion, you've got a potential pool of about 5% of the population, not even taking into account who's actually available  and seeking as well. 

THEN add kink into it?
HELLA rough!
But, that’s OK. 

Because people still do find each other.  

And magic happens. 

So let's talk about making it happen FOR YOU. With Dating Kinky's PLUS Membership. 
Find a way to stand out from the crowd.
There are more people than ever on dating apps these days, but it seems increasingly difficult to really connect. 

Looking at profile after profile, they all start to blend together and seem the same. 

And we KNOW we're not all the same (or THEY are not all the same, amirite?). But how do we show off who we are in the limited format of a dating profile and a few pictures quickly enough to grab attention and spark interest in our potential best-match kinky boopsie? 

It seems impossible. 

Dating Kinky PLUS Membership has you covered. 
Blending the best of technology...
Naturally, we like giving our PLUS Members an edge in Dating Kinky, with a little badge on their profile that shows they support us, AND are committed to and serious about connecting with others.

And as part of that commitment, we also want to give you a boost in technology. Like with saved searches and notifications when someone new joins who matches your specifications. 

With group chats (and Required Group Chats coming soon!) and video verification with all users, video and audio chats with other PLUS Members, and higher chat request limits (Yes, you do still have to follow our community guidelines!).
...and psychology to find and build connections!
With over 500 hours of educational webinars and nine books, Dating Kinky has you covered on learning everything you need to know! 

From how to write your best profile, to how to navigate an M/s power exchange! We even have information on impact play, rope, FLR, and much more.
No matter WHERE you are!
I didn't find my partner on Dating Kinky. I met him at a Women In Charge event in person. I had traveled 2 hours to get there (and I was driving back two hours when the party was over). 

But we're nonmonogamous, and I've met some amazing people on my app. And on other apps as well. And Dating Kinky PLUS Membership takes your connection skills to the next level—on Dating Kinky, other apps, or (gasp!) meeting in person.

From the very beginning to "happily ever after." Or from "Hey," to "Let's Play!" Or wherever your kinky journey takes you.














And speaking of breaking up... (because that's when a lot of people find us).
You know that time right after a break up when self-reflection and motivation to change is at it’s highest?

When you make that vow to not make THAT mistake again?

Yeah, we’ve been there, too.

We gotchu, boo.

[How we tend to make the same mistakes over and over and over until we break the pattern…]

Notes on doing it DIFFERENTLY and getting it RIGHT.

Good boundaries! Great sex! Effective communication! And mentally healthy kink—that also happens to be hotter than Hades!  


Over 400 replays, 500+ hours—And all are in video AND audio formats!
It's CRAZY how much you can learn and grow when you have the RIGHT kinky mentors/presenters to help you!*PLUS_ffri*png?alt=media&token=9d521e84-9bd2-439c-85ed-f1cfa52f157c*PLUS_sso*png?alt=media&token=3302da58-3d23-43ea-94cd-69d718f47bac*PLUS_nonmonogamunch*png?alt=media&token=c3e4e62b-58ae-4e61-aab6-4003aae922d5*PLUS_mypower*png?alt=media&token=1a679a77-423b-4fbe-9b61-0fdd65a4f076*PLUS_profileworkshop*png?alt=media&token=9049fe12-c417-4c98-83af-8601e0502265*PLUS_cuckyou*png?alt=media&token=4bd17fe0-f1c1-4b58-be01-f9d0e05df6e3*PLUS_knotty*png?alt=media&token=56bf3a25-ec6b-4c78-b427-7a102399c579*PLUS_datinglove*png?alt=media&token=fbc30dc4-f87f-428d-87ee-95e8369dc64c*PLUS_play*png?alt=media&token=289e0ca5-c3a2-4741-8715-8e66494c9164*PLUS_notcheating*png?alt=media&token=f601aec3-d082-4295-93ee-3e623b3d2d88*PLUS_nookiepresents*png?alt=media&token=277a8818-0995-440c-b9d6-147c479c0bde*PLUS_morethan*png?alt=media&token=6f485378-2e85-4453-8f4c-9e733813c043
And we bring in experts and enthusiasts from all over the world to share their knowledge and love of kink with you. 
And you get all of Dating Kinky's books!*dk_notcheatcover_3d*png?alt=media&token=a50d049c-ac15-4678-95e5-d553d803cb16*dk_wikcover_3d*png?alt=media&token=74390c6b-2cf8-4efc-acfe-06eb7c4958d6*dk_cuckcover_3d*png?alt=media&token=02821142-ecc3-4068-8e16-492005ba9c0c*dk_bboacover_3d*png?alt=media&token=4cccae0a-6211-4299-b329-3d68a5ec5b5a*dk_flrcover_3d*png?alt=media&token=dfe8d291-476b-41fe-ba3e-7fee2f22d695*dk_otown_3d*png?alt=media&token=0a0075e6-5aff-49cf-8d17-bb8fdd451514*dk_umncover_3d*png?alt=media&token=82fa53f1-0eba-4eab-9c53-24db2de1bb6a*dk_biss2_3d*png?alt=media&token=152f5e76-3800-4548-9af8-a99d88ab1321

Including Dating Kinky's first book, in digital, audio, and
workshop formats...



And FIRST LOOK access to NEW books and workshops as they are created!
Here are a few of the projects we have in the works...


And there's SO MUCH more...



We know you’re here to find the kinky boopsie of your dreams, and we want you to BELIEVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that a DK PLUS Membership is worth $10/month, heck even $100/month (but, no, we’re not going to ask you for that!) because of the value it will bring you AND your relationships.
PLUS Membership is not for everyone, like...
  • Copy-pasta dudes.
  • Swipers.
  • Fboys.
  • Those who never read the profile.
  • Cheaters.
  • The “I fall in love with one message” types.
  • Catfishers (and kittenfishers)
  • “See you next Tuesdays”
  • The “I am your DOM, kneel before me!” in the opening message sorts.
  • “hey”
  • Build-a-Dom (or build-a-whatever) types.
  • The one-handed typers.
  • The “You didn’t reply to me in five minutes” people.
  • Those who send unsolicited [whatever] photos.
  • “Can you send me n00dz?”
  • Can’t take a no.
You know who I’m talking about. 

PLUS Members have to follow the same community guidelines as everyone else, of course. And those people, well, they aren't welcome, because they're not kind.

AND, they aren't doing what it takes to make those genuine connections that we're all about (and yes, we believe even a connection for no-strings fun and play can be genuine and full of respect and compassion). 

So, "NO PLUS FOR YOU!" (Bad Seinfeld reference, sorry. Am I showing my age? LOL!)

But for the rest of you? We'd love to have you! PLUS Membership is where it's at. *smiles*


NOTE: These prices are discounted, and by purchasing at the prices, they will be locked in your, even if the price goes up, for as long as you have a PLUS or VIP PLUS Membership.